These Mind-Blowing 3D Tattoos Will Amaze You!


Photo: First to Know

What do you get when you combine an illusion, an artist and a gun with a needle? Three-dimensional tattoos. These photos expose the relatively new genre of mind-blowing tattoos that confirm the idea that human skin is indeed a canvas.

Not only do these tattoos make your eyes widen and your jaw drop, they also require complex combinations of talent. The tattoo artist must study the anatomical shape of the piece they want to create, construct it to fit the dimensions of a given body part, then apply the ink to the skin. And we bet it's as difficult as it sounds.

With a little contrast and shadow, these artists are able to transform an average looking eight-legged insect tattoo into a walking spider that will make you shiver. From butterflies to human faces to the illusion of ripping skin, this new form of tattooing is a perfect combination of art and edge.

The 3D tattoos market is booming not just because people are looking for a little something different, but also because these new art forms depict realism and literally make the ink come to life.

Check out these tattoos and get ready to be mind-blown.