The Times Meghan Markle Channeled Princess Diana

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As two of the greatest fashion icons of all time, and arguably two of the most beloved royals in history, Princess Diana and her daughter-in-law are inevitably subject to endless sartorial comparisons. So, with that in mind, we started digging into instances where Meghan Markle was like Princess Diana. And what we found was pretty shocking -- in a great way. See how similar some of these outfits are, especially given that in most cases they were worn 20, or even 30 years apart, as well as acts that uncover how the two women were very similar.

Common Nicknames

According to Vanity Fair, insiders revealed that the royal family calls Meghan "Di 2." Clearly the "D" refers to Diana's nickname of "Di," and the name gets applied to Meghan because she evidently reminds many royals of the late princess.