Best Free Home Workouts for the New Year


People have adjusted to being cooped up in their homes, but they still want to do something -- physically. Local walks are great, but even that gets old after a while. Plus, for many people, it's too cold out.

With many gyms still being closed and people feeling a need to set that New Year's resolution, a lot of folks are feeling frustrated. But don't get stressed, there are a TON of great at-home workouts you can do without any equipment -- just your body weight. Plus, many companies are offering free virtual classes that will give you that endorphin rush while also burning a few of those calories you gained from stress eating and drinking, or just enjoying the holidays. 

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We list some of the best, basic workouts for arms, abs, and legs that you can do in your own home. We then follow that with a list of our favorite businesses offering free online workouts to get you going. 

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