Most Popular Gender Neutral Baby Names

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Gender-neutral baby names are on the rise. In fact, according to the Social Security Administration —the administrative party responsible for issuing birth certificates— unisex baby names have increased by as much as 88% since 1985.

Though gender-specific names still fill up most of the top-10 lists for boys and girls, gender-neutral names are becoming more commonly used.

This is not a new phenomenon. A recent study from tracked the most popular genderless baby names by US state over the last 100 years. Their findings? Casey, Riley, and Jessie were the most popular choices since 1910. The resultant map is a fascinating visual case study in unisex name choices year by year, with color-coding showing the national winners.

Below is a list of the 50 most popular names that don’t require conforming to stereotypes, along with some analysis on why parents are leaning toward this naming convention. And in case you want to know how gender-neutral the name really is, we’ve also included the Department of Social Security’s estimate of the percentage of boys and girls so named for each one.